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 Loot Distribution Policy

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Gentle - Werlin
Gentle - Werlin

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Loot Distribution Policy Empty
PostSubject: Loot Distribution Policy   Loot Distribution Policy EmptyThu Mar 13, 2008 7:55 pm

< U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N >

1) NO NEGATIVE - You may spend up to your maximum DKP on any auction (or on item purchases if this is offered in the future) however your total available DKP may not fall below zero (0).

2) TIMER - Auctions are run on a timer. You will see notices for "Going ONCE" and "Going TWICE" before the items are sold to current high bidder.

3) SUITABLE - You may only bid on items that are suitable for your class. You MAY take items that are intended for a different spec. than the one you are using.

4) NO MEMORY - Our system does not remember you if you leave the guild. Your DKP values are stored in the Blizzard officer notes. Blizzard clears that note if you are guildless. We have no control over this situation.
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Loot Distribution Policy
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