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 Tues. 15ths BGs

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Tues. 15ths BGs Empty
PostSubject: Tues. 15ths BGs   Tues. 15ths BGs EmptyWed Apr 16, 2008 11:12 am

Again Eloquence had an epic night of BGs with 7 wsg wins no losses an still 0 flag caps by the horde,

excellent job everyone who attended.

Hopefully we can get a large enough team next time to run some of the larger group BGs

again congrats on a job very well done. I am thinking of starting a BG stats page recording

number of KBs, flag caps overall kills , Damage done , an healing . Also I would really like

to get a video of the guild owning so if you think your system can handle running a recording program

as we play let me know. You will need a good amount of HD space because the saved files are fairly large

an I run on 1gig ram an have minimal lag caused by Fraps. I could do the entire thing myself

but then it would only be form my perspective an i would like to get several different angles an such.
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Tues. 15ths BGs
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