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 Will PvP for food

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Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Will PvP for food   Will PvP for food EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 1:59 pm

Ok so if you didn't know I am a PvP addict so if anyone is interested in anything pvp oriented
just hit me up ingame. I can generally be found in any of teh BGs an I do lots of 2v2 skirmishes.

Any questions about pvp specs I can probably help you or i know where to go for teh answer
so don't be shy affraid
I had this section made so my fellow pvpers could have somewhere to discuss strat an such things
I will be posting BG strats an things so more to come

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.

Mark Twain
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Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Re: Will PvP for food   Will PvP for food EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 2:11 pm

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna be spending lots of time here cyclops

So. How about some tips for my lock against certain classes?
PLEASE alien
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Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Lock Vs. (insert class here)   Will PvP for food EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 4:33 pm

for all classes make sure Soul link is active an Fel Armor

an Nightfall procs for a reason use it an abuse

An learn the specific buffs each class gets for certain Spec

This will save your life

Mage: (E Z Own)

Pet needed - felpuppy (i keep him on aggresive for duels )

in this fight /lol is very useful cause felhunter can basically solo anything bellow S2 gear

for better mages Amp Curse, CoA ,corruption, Syphon life applied first

Drain Life should be used when your health drops to 70%

(Fire mage/Pom pyro)

watch for fire ball cast an fear or deathcoil

always follow death coil with fear

(Ice mage)

their pet is annoying but genrally not to much of a problem

when your health an resil get up there (banish during duels or 1v1 is kinda time consuming

but if you are in arena an they are focusing on someone else banish is not a bad idea

other than that keep felpuppy out an own mages from dusk til; dawn


Pet needed - Void Walker

CoW or Amp Curse CoA (kinda have to decide based on hunters gear ), Corruption,

always try an jump in close to them get in their dead zone

Syphon Life

(BM hunter) this is where you will need to watch enemy buffs

wait for Noob Within to fade, Death coil follow up with fear (follow hunter as he runs ) reapply dots

as needed, before fear breaks try an get in close an use howl of terror to get pet an hunter off of you

Drain Life when your health hits 70%

BM hunters can be a pain in the ass but with resil an stam gems you can Drain tank them fairly well

(MM Hunter)

Main thing in this fight is stay in close (deadzone = Dead MM)

when get in immediately Death Coil follow up with fear chase in drain life (if your health is ok drain mana on them) during fear an

watch for fear to break fear again

MM hunters will try an drain your mana with viper sting you nothing to do but life tap an kick their ass

Drain there mana when possible an their auto shots will be like nerf bats hitting you

(Survival Hunters are useless)

Warrior :
Pet needed - Void Walker

Resil an Stam are very important in this fight

All warriors are fought the same regardless of spec (cept prot you really don't need CoW)

Stay close so they cannot charge you

CoW , corruption, syphon life, Drain Tank watch out they have fear immune for most of battle

test a couple fears if you get chance but most of time it is waste of mana

use death coil attempt a fear at 50% of their health amp curse CoA Sac void for bubble

an fear them fel Domination bring out another void remember Soul Link an Drain tank him

Drood :

Pet needed - felpuppy should suffice for all of them

Amp Curse CoA , corruption, syphon life


They will caste their dumbass trees on you howl of terror them off

Death coil Drood chain fear Drain Life = Dead drood


Apply Dots Drain Life when your health hits 80% Death coil an chain fear Drain Life


Mana Drain will help in this battle if they run let them an sit down an drink , don't chase them your dots

will follow them no matter where they run , try an catch them with a death coil an chain fear them as much

as possible

Healers tend to be more of an annoyance than a threat 1v1

Priest :

Amp Curse CoA , Corruption, Syphon Life


Pet needed - Felpuppy

Shadow Ward should go up as soon as you even think you see a shadow priest

This way it's CD will be up two or three more times during battle

if they are smart they will try an mana burn you so chain fear is good policy

followed with Drain Life (mana if you are above 80% health)

Death coil during their mind flaye an resume fears

VERY IMPORTANT !!!! - Watch for shadow ward to reactivate an re apply when it does


Your Drain mana is very important in this battle

Drain Life if you think you need it

again they do more healing so mostly just a damn annoyance keep dots on them an fears

Death Coil if you see them trying for greater heal

side not you can fear Priest while they are bubbled so do it

PALLY: (bubble - noobs)

Pet Needed - felpuppy


K this is basic Dot Dot Fear only thing you might use different is CoT when they get low on health

when they buble pick your /taunt an wait it out keep felpuppy on them

hold Death coil back until you see them trying to cast their Big heal an you have owned every Pally

Goodwork lol!

Warlock: (face yourself) movie ref ftw

Pet Needed : Felpuppy

shadow ward is your friend as soon as you see lock shadow ward up so CD will be up
for more cast in battle. Amp Curse CoA , corruption , syphon life


This battle is mainly a gear war

keep your dots up a well placed Death Coil during a fear is gg

fears an drain life

banish is useless for Sl cause their felpuppy hasd like 1million resist

(Destro) (annoying an a deadly enemy if geared)

For this Drain mana when you see them go immune to your spells an Drain life when not immune

chain fear Banish their pet during first fear chain .

Biggest thing here is mana conservation so watch for their nether protection to proc

(Afflic) (squishy much?)

Fear an Banish their pet

these guys do lots Damage so keep em feared an death coil when you see them casting fear ,

try an stay out of range of their instant HoT.

if you just chain fear an Drain Life you will out last these Sl/Sl wannabes



Pet needed - Felpuppy

Amp Curse CoA , corruption, syphon life


These guys will rape your face with wind fury an all their totems

Death Coil Chain fears an keep dots applied while Draining life

they will put a beating on you have Healthstone rdy for this battle


kinda Like a fire mage with more armor

nothing big here drag them away from their totems with fears an such things

not a hard fight here keep dots up an Drain Life at 70% of your health


Big annoyance here Drain their mana when you can an keep your dots on them

watch for big heals to fear an Death Coil Nightfall procs help a lot in this one.

Rogue : (the bane of all locks OP to the max)

Pet needed : Void Walker

This will be the hardest fight of your life no matter what noob spec

they are

CoE , corruption, syphon life

wait for them to burn their Cloak of Noob (CoS)

Death Coil them chain fear them Drain life in between fear chains

amp curse when they hit 50% an CoA when you hit 70 % an before your third fear

sac void walker fear them ,fel Domination bring out new Void walker (soul link it)

pray you get lucky

Drain Tank them as a last resort usually if it comes to this their cheat Death will Save their noob asses

keeping CoE on them an staying away from them is big part in this fight

Side note on Undead fighting :

watch for teir will of forsaken to pass it looks liek teh face of undead on their buffs

wasting mana on fears during this is not a good thing...


Action Bar -
1. Num Pad 1- shadow bolt

2.Num Pad 2- CoA

3. Num Pad 7- Fel Dom

4. Num Pad 6- Drain Soul

5. Num Pad 5- Drain Life

6 Num Pad 8- CoE

7. Num Pad 3 - Fear

8. Num Pad 4 Drain Mana

9. Num Pad 9 - life tap

11. Num Pad - Death coil

12 Num Pad 0 - corruption

Bottom Left Action Bar

9. F- Amp Curse

10. Num Pad + - syphon life

Bottom Right Action Bar

1.Right Arrow - Health Stones

2. Down Arrow - Banish

3. Delete - Trink (what ever you have )

5. Left Arrow -Racial

6. Up Arrow -Alliance trink

12 Num Pad . - shadow ward

Right Action Bar 2

1. Num Pad * - CoW

2. Num Pad / - Searing Pain

8. 3 - CoT

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

Oscar Wilde

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Posts : 106
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Age : 39
Location : BC Canada

Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Re: Will PvP for food   Will PvP for food EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 6:38 pm

You are just FANTASTIC!!!! I do always use shadoward! I've actually talked to locks who totally forget they even have that spell. Evil or Very Mad

Thanks for this. It also helps me with why I should keybind certain things in certain places.
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Posts : 106
Join date : 2008-03-14
Age : 39
Location : BC Canada

Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Re: Will PvP for food   Will PvP for food EmptyMon Apr 07, 2008 2:17 pm

DJ Champion
No Heaven

We shall pvp and frap to this my friend!
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Will PvP for food Empty
PostSubject: Re: Will PvP for food   Will PvP for food Empty

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Will PvP for food
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