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 Pally Auto Aura Change When Mounting Macro

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Pally Auto Aura Change When Mounting Macro Empty
PostSubject: Pally Auto Aura Change When Mounting Macro   Pally Auto Aura Change When Mounting Macro EmptyWed May 28, 2008 3:44 pm

The original Forum Post by Warcrash < FALLEN KNIGHTS > Aerie Peak

"260. Re: Compilation of Paladin Macros for 2.0+ | 03/19/2008 09:42:01 PM PDT
My newest "One Button Mounting Macro" for Paladins:

/cast [mounted] !Retribution Aura
/cast [nomounted,nocombat,flyable] !Crusader Aura
/use [nomounted,nocombat,flyable] Swift Blue Gryphon
/castsequence [nomounted,nocombat,noflyable] !Crusader Aura, Summon Charger
/dismount [mounted]

No need for alt, right, etc clicks... in outlands, a single click will change aura and mount, in azeroth a double click will set aura and mount, and as always, when mounted, click again to dismount.


My changes for Sandrine:

/cast [mounted] !Devotion Aura
/cast [nomounted,nocombat,flyable] !Crusader Aura
/use [nomounted,nocombat,flyable] Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake
/castsequence [nomounted,nocombat,noflyable] !Crusader Aura, Summon Charger
/dismount [mounted]

I deleted the line showing the tooltip as this showed the last used aura as the icon for the macro. Then did a "Change Name/Icon" action and picked the Drake icon.

I changed Retribution to Devotion since this is what I use 80%+ of the time.

I changed from the blue armored flying feline-chicken (Swift Blue Gryphon) to the very classy smiling black dragon (Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake).

This comes to a total of 246 of the maximum 255 characters for a macro.

I tested in Outland, one push of the button changes from Devo to Crusader and then mounts with the Drake. Another push dismounts and returns from Crusader to Devo.

In Azeroth, one button push changes the Aura. Wait for the cycling of the CD, and a second push summons the Pally Charger. Push once more and you will dismount and the auras will swap back to normal.

CAVEAT: If you auto-dismount the aura will not change back to original (i.e. Flying into a building or when entering combat).

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Pally Auto Aura Change When Mounting Macro
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